Trang Hue Vietnamese

Royal Milk and Peach Iced Tea

A new range of delicious iced tea options have just hit Trang Hue Vietnamese and the team are very excited for the Orange community to come and try them.

Shining a Light on Mental Health

On March 3rd, John Spicer's Mechanical Repairs will present ‘Opening the Conversation with Swanee’, this gourmet BBQ, interactive Q&A and live auction is designed to help remove stigma associated with mental health, mental illness and addiction, by sharing stories and normalising the conversation.

Money available for young carers

As you know the new school year is upon us and for many it can be a very stressful time financially. By the time you buy new shoes, uniform items, books, not to mention a tablet or laptop that most schools now use, the dollars begin to add up big time.

I have an idea!

Put Orange First is the theme of our magazine's Community Project this year and just to recap, in case you've missed the earlier publicity, one thing I'm trying to do is encourage us all to respect, encourage and support small business owners in Orange a lot more than we appear to.

The Mills Cafe

Chicken Parmigiana, chips and fresh garden salad

Pair this main meal with an entrée favourite, prepared fresh and hand cut; Salt and Pepper Squid noodle salsa.