A Letter to my Future- Future self

I’ve read plenty of ‘Letter to the Younger Me’ letters and it got me thinking, there’s no point in doing one to my past self, I’m not that person anymore, and I can’t change what has been done, but I CAN help myself in the future, so here is a very public letter to my future self. I hope it inspires you to do the same, mentally or otherwise.

Get inspired!

You might have seen a bit of publicity in OC Life for a new website I've created called National Life. This is a new project of mine, a more personal one that I hope will grow to be as popular nationally as Orange City Life has become here locally.

Community spirit

If it was possible to take a reading on how most people in Orange are feeling right now, out of 10, what do you think it would be? My gut feeling says it would be on the lower end.