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Emily is a TOP nurse  and now has an award to prove it!

Emily is a TOP nurse and now has an award to prove it!

After following a career that both her grandmother and great grandmother were in you could say that being a nurse runs in the family for Emily Pritchard.

Emily is very passionate about being a nurse, specifically in mental health, so it was quite fitting for her to win a pretty prestigious award. The award that Emily took out was the ‘Excellence in Nursing-Registered Nurse for NSW’ which is quite the accomplishment. 

“It was very exciting! Somebody needs to nominate you and I was nominated by one of our occupational therapists out at work and I have no idea what she wrote in the nomination but it must have been something really lovely.

“It is really nice to be recognised for the hard work, not just myself but other nurses and members of my team do out at Bloomfield. It can be a very challenging environment and to be recognised for the work that we do and that I do is really lovely, and I do feel very proud to have won this award,” said Emily. 

Emily began nursing in 2009, then took up a position at Bloomfield in 2010 which is where she still is today. She says that she wouldn’t be where she is without her team at Turon House and also her family. 

“From the moment that I started working out at Bloomfield there have been so many amazing mentors and my team are absolutely fantastic. We just have so many great mentors which has made my nursing career very rewarding and easy to do. I couldn’t have achieved any of this without the amazing team that I work with and my supportive family as well,” said Emily.

Emily says her passion for wanting to help people stemmed from her childhood and she is so glad that she has chosen a career where she can do that. 

“I moved around a lot as I come from a police officer family. I moved around in rural and remote communities, so I guess that is why I am really passionate about the mental health for rural and remote people, there aren’t a lot of resources for them.

“I finished school here in Orange doing Year 12 at James Sheahan and then a went straight into nursing. I think I just wanted to find a career that was rewarding in the way that I could help people and mental health is extremely rewarding and challenging. You get to help people get better so that they can go back to their families and their normal lives, it is really rewarding working in any type of nursing, but I really found my passion with mental health,” said Emily.

Emily explains a bit about what she does and why she feels it is so important. 

“We run a women’s rehabilitation program with women from all over the state. The program helps them to gain skills so that they can go back to their normal life.

“Mental illness doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you’re rich or poor or which part of the country you are from, it affects a lot of people. A lot of people struggle with depression and anxiety and they might be unlucky enough to have some of the other major mental illnesses,” said Emily.

Congratulations Emily!

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