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Business Interview:  5 Minutes with Florence Ovenden

Business Interview: 5 Minutes with Florence Ovenden

So what is it that you do at BnH Orange?

I call it domestic and commercial improvements. From start to finish we do the measuring right through to the installation of home improvement products such as blinds and awnings, screen doors, shade sails, and shutters.

Most people when they think BnH, they think blinds, but you obviously do much more than that?

People think we just do blinds, because the name of the business used to incorporate blinds in it, but it doesn’t any more. Blinds and screen doors, that is what we are known for, but people don't always know that we do shade sails or that we do plantation shutters or roller shutters and more.

Do you do custom jobs?

We don't have off-the-shelf products, we make everything to order, because there are just too many variables. We have heaps of different fabrics and we make it all to fit each job.

I have a large patio area that could really use some more shade, is that something you could help with?

We can basically enclose a full patio, we can put posts up and everything and make your outdoor entertaining area more serviceable throughout the year. We have consultants that come out and measure it and look at where it is in relation to the sun and how to get the best shade in the summer and let the sun in winter.

Have you ever had any unusual job requests?

We've done lots of things over the years that are not considered normal, like we've made meat safes and we've put screens on the backs of cars so people can put dogs in there but that's not common.

How can peoples see the range of products you can install?

We have a website and a showroom. People aren't always aware that we have a showroom, but they can come out and have a look at what we offer.

Community Support Grants on offer

Community Support Grants on offer

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