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5 Minutes with Kate Murphy, Central West Kids Physio

5 Minutes with Kate Murphy, Central West Kids Physio

So what exactly is it you do as a kid’s physio?

I've done extra training in paediatrics and in pelvic floor and incontinence physiotherapy, so it is a bit of a niche. I see kids with different developmental conditionals, kids with disabilities, kids with incontinence problems, so urinary and faecal incontinence.

What lead you to specialise in working with children?

I just really like kids and I'm quite interested in infant development. I've always had an interest in women's health and pelvic floor and I was surprised when that training lead me into paediatrics and incontinence as well, so I've developed into that a bit further.

What age children do you commonly treat?

I treat kids from zero right up to 16 or 17.

What are some of the problems that you can help with as a kid’s physio?

Lots of what I see is little babies or infants with developmental concerns, so they are not rolling or crawling or walking or sitting by the time they are expected, they are not meeting their developmental milestones. I treat lots of incontinence, so bedwetting, faecal soiling or constipation. I see lots of kids with different postural abnormalities like toe walking or parents concerned about feet turning in or knocked knees - that sort of thing. Sometimes I see older kids with coordination problems, kids having trouble with catching or throwing, kicking, running or jumping and the kids or adolescents with musculoskeletal injuries.

What signs should parents look out for to ensure their child is developing as they should be?

Have an idea of what typical developmental milestones are. There is a big range and it is all very much normal, so for example it is quite normal for kids to walk anywhere between nine and eighteen months roughly and anywhere within that is completely normal. But if you feel something's not quite right, it is better to get it checked out

If parents think you could help their child how do they get in touch with you?

I work out of 86 Byng Street, but I'm only doing it a day a fortnight in Orange at the moment. I also work in Forbes a day a month and I've also started work out at Condobolin as well, so all just on Mondays. Just give me a buzz on my mobile number 0428543024 or get in touch via Central West Kids Physio on Facebook or email kate@cwkidsphysio.com.au

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