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The call for wool donations is out

The call for wool donations is out

The Orange Purlers have been meeting regularly at Orange City Library for almost ten years and in that time they have created more than 2,600 blankets for a charity called Wrapped with Love but now they need your help.

The Purlers are seeking any donations of 8 ply yarn, wool or acrylic which can be left at the Orange City Library to help them to continue to make blankets for those in need.

Dianne Perry (pictured) has been involved with the Purlers for some time now and she encourages others to get involved too.

“You get a great sense of achievement and being able to help people, it just gives you a sense of joy and I love it.

“It is also about friendship and it helps people who are home alone. We have a wide age group of members, we have a little girl who did a rug when she was seven and the oldest in our group at one stage was a lady who was 103,” said Dianne.

The rugs that are made get donated to those in need, whether it be from a natural disaster or for homeless. 

“We donate to everywhere, but I like the local donations to Housing Plus. We also do special rugs with a double yarn, so it is like a doona. I love it when they get donated locally but even being donated overseas is wonderful,” said Dianne.

There are many different roles within the Purlers and Dianne assures us that every little bit counts.

“You can just knit squares, put it all together, you can do it from home. You don’t have to be confined to a particular area. It is whatever you can do, there are various options that you can do.

“We also make the twiddemuffs for the dementia patients and it’s about texture, shape, colours, and they will sit for hours and just play. It calms them and most of these go locally,” said Dianne.

If you would like to be involved with the Purlers head along to the Library on Monday at 10.30am or if you would like to donate the Orange City Library are a collection point from Monday to Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9.30am-4pm or Sunday 1pm-5pm.

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