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Local medical community thanked for their commitment to training medical students

Local medical community thanked for their commitment to training medical students

The medical community in Orange were recently thanked and applauded by Professor Robyn Ward, Executive Dean, Faculty Health and Medicine, University of Sydney for their multi-generational commitment to teaching.


The annual ‘Tutor Dinner’ hosted by the University of Sydney’s rural clinical school – the School of Rural Health, and held at the Old Convent, brings together the wide network of local GPs, specialists and clinicians from the community and hospital who are tutors at the School of Rural Health.  Professor Ward along with Professor Arthur Conigrave Head of School and Dean, Sydney Medical School (SMS), were in Orange to attend the dinner. 


“Our network of tutors includes people who have been medical students and are now interns, residents, registrars and consultants here in the Central West’” Professor Ward said.  “It is very uplifting to see a true lifecycle approach with people passing on the culture of the importance of teaching and education. 


“Medicine is still an apprenticeship model.  People model behaviour and the patterns of how they will practice for a lifetime are based on who they are exposed to as a student and so our tutors, people in the field of clinical practice, are very influential and are who our students need to be close to.”


Professor Ward gave a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the network of extraordinary people who show commitment to students, education, research and advancement of medicine as a profession.  Several awards were presented on the night.


Specialty Block Intern –  Dr Jessica Yabsley

Specialty Block Registrar – Dr Monica Rickard Bell

Specialty Block Tutor of the Year – Dr Andrew Wong

Core Block Intern – Dr James Colbourne

Core Block Registrar – Dr James Basha

Core Block Tutor of the Year – Dr Phillip Butler

Allied health Tutor – Dan Meachin

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