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$12,000 in prizes to be won between now and Christmas!

$12,000 in prizes to be won between now and Christmas!

About the promotion:
Orange City Life is staging this business promotion for several reasons. One being we love our City and we want to keep encouraging people to come visit us over and over again, the more they do, the better it is for everyone. Another reason is to support and encourage local businesses, small businesses are the backbone of our Country and in many respects are unsung heroes. Lastly, we want to provide some fun for our readers and the wider community in the lead-up to Christmas. Our Strike Gold in Orange Competition will help do all this and more, we hope you like what we’re doing and will support it and the businesses involved as often as you can.

How it works:
With the generous support of Council through their Shop Orange initiative, we’ll be giving away a $100 gift voucher to two lucky people each week between now and mid December. At that time there will be 20 weekly winners and each of these weekly winners will then have the chance to win the major prize worth $10,000. The ultimate winner will be able to choose as their prize, either solid gold worth $10,000 or take the prize in Gift Vouchers to spend at one or more of the Shop Orange businesses in Orange, there are over 80 of them at this time.

How to enter:
Simply make a purchase at any of the participating businesses displaying the Strike Gold in Orange posters and then ask for an entry coupon. Fill out the coupon and place it in the entry box in the store where you made the purchase. You can enter as often as you like at any of the participating businesses, all participating businesses will be listed in Lovin Local each week in OC Life.

How the winner(s) will be determined:
Each week we’ll draw one entry from each entry box. We’ll then draw two names from these and each will win a $100 Shop Orange Gift card to spend at any of the 80 or more Shop Orange businesses.
At 11am on Saturday December 15th, all weekly winners will be invited to the final draw. Each weekly winner will choose one of 20 keys and then be given the chance to open a mystery lock. The weekly winner whose key opens the mystery lock will win the $10,000 major prize.

We’ll announce all winners, weekly winners and the major winner in Orange City Life following each draw.

Supported by Shop Orange (use logo)

Where to enter:

Ask for an entry coupon when you make a purchase from any of these businesses.

Jaycar/Tactical Electrical
Blooms the Chemist
Collins Booksellers
Furniture One
Central West Mowers and Heating
Bo & Ree
Early Settler
Complete Camera House
Need a Nerd
DG Cycles
Hog’s Australia’s Steakhouse
Canobolas Caravan and Marine
M & J Butchers
La Porchetta
Second Chance Collectables
Orange City Life
Orange Visitor’s Centre
Frockwork Orange

Give volunteering a go!

Give volunteering a go!

A Natural Born Racer

A Natural Born Racer