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Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

As told to Melise Coleman

This week we caught up with Calare Aged Care resident Christine, “Calare is my home, I love it here. I’ve lived an exciting life, this is just a portion of it.”

Name: Christine Wheeler

Where were you born? I was born in Victor Harbour.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned during your life? I learnt a lot from my Mother during my life, Mum always said get up every day, be thankful for everything, go outside and appreciate what we’ve got. I live by that, looking on the bright side and being positive.

What were some of your hobbies growing up? When I was younger, I would just play around outside, in the trees and the garden. We would keep busy helping our mother, doing chores, helping out on the farm etc. Sometimes we would go to Broken Hill on the train that would come out our way, we always lived a busy life. We were also home schooled which we liked, we would always get it done early then we could get out and do other things.

What do you enjoy now? I enjoy Zumba and different activities or discussions on different topics.

What is your favourite childhood memory? Visiting my Grandmother and Grandparents, they lived on the Murray River. We would visit them, and everyone would get together at Christmas time. There would be 20-30 of us there at one time, it was fantastic.

What took you a long time to learn? I didn’t like speaking in public, then once I took on running a Day-care Centre, for Aged Care. It meant I had to, I had to get up and give reports. Once I got over feeling a bit shy, I was happy and feeling confident about being able to speak in public.

What is a memorable event in your life? My daughter lived in London, I went and stayed with her for a while, that was a very exciting time for me, (we also visited Paris).

How did you and your spouse meet? I met Richard when he came from Manly, he was a Jackaroo on a property. I must admit I didn’t think much of him then *laughs* I saw him as a city slicker.

What was your first date? We went to meet his parents, they lived in Sydney. We had dinner and it was lovely. We were married, managing a property in the Broken Hill area and we had two children, Deborah and Janet.

What do you remember about your parents? Your grandparents? It was always a happy time, there was always lots of talking, laughter and preparing food.

What life advice would you pass along to your grandchildren? I have two grandchildren, I was always one to have them make their own way in the world, all I can do is lead by example, I just want them to be their own person.

What was your first job? A secretarial worker at a Stock and Station Agent, I quite enjoyed it.

What was your favourite job? When I ran the Day Care Centre, I enjoy anything to do with aged care. They always enjoyed their time, whether it be doing arts and crafts or going on bus trips.

Who were your heroes or role models when you were young? My Mother, she was always positive about life. She would always make people feel welcome, we lived in the outback for a long time and her door was always open, whether someone travelling through or in trouble it didn’t matter. No matter who came to our door, she helped them.

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