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Mountain Bikes to do battle

Mountain Bikes to do battle

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A huge event is about to hit Orange and it is a great opportunity to take your friends and family to see some live mountain bike action.

The Cross-Country NSW State Mountain Bike Championship will be held at the Lake Canobolas Mountain Bike Park on Saturday December 8 and Sunday December 9 from 8am-5pm. This event attracts Olympic standard athletes, so you can expect some fast and advanced riders.

“It is a State championship, so we will have some high-profile people coming. It is pretty spectacular to watch the top mountain bikers in NSW, so it will be a fair bit of fun for spectators,” said Leo Presslaber (President of the Orange Mountain Bike Club).

The Orange Mountain Bike Club have been working hard over the past few years to host an event of this kind and Leo encourages everyone to come have a look and maybe be inspired to get involved in the sport themselves.

“The Club has recently made a big investment in the venue and there’s now a really good mixture of trails from fast and flowing to tough and technical. The location means it will not only be a great weekend of racing but also an awesome weekend for the whole family.

“Mountain biking is only going to increase, and our club size has doubled over the last couple of years. The Club puts a lot of effort in and Lake Canobolas is a perfect venue to have competitions, but it is also the perfect venue for new comers. Although we have difficult tracks, we also have easier tracks that are very safe,” said Leo.

On Saturday you can enjoy the Cross-Country Short Course which is a 20-minute race held on a wide track about 1.5km long. The race will be fast and spectacular to watch. Registration for this event will open at 8am with races commencing shortly after with the U13, then progressing through to the older age groups.

On Sunday it will be the Cross Country Olympic which is a 1-2 hour race on a 5.6km circuit. The winner of this will determine the NSW State Champions. This event will kick off at 8.30am and finish at around 2.30pm.

For more information on the event or upcoming mountain bike events in Orange head here: http://orangemountainbikeclub.com.au/ 



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