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Myrtle Rodgers - Words of Wisdom

Myrtle Rodgers - Words of Wisdom

This week we caught up with Myrtle Rodgers, Myrtle loved living the country lifestyle and doesn’t mind Orange’s cool climate.

Name: Myrtle Rodgers
Age: 88
Where and When were you born? Bodangora, (it’s 8 miles out the other side of Wellington), 1930.

I had a family of 14, Mum, Dad, my five brothers and seven girls (I’m the baby), we all shared a room, they were pretty poor in those days, Mum and Dad didn’t have much.

What were some of your hobbies growing up? I used to play all sorts of sport, Tennis was probably my favourite, I was always on the court, I made a tennis court at home.

What do you remember from your school life? Going to school one day and my niece was riding a pony, she wasn’t supposed to go the way myself and my sister went, but she did. So the three of us got on the horse and we rode up to the post office. Anyway, the horse spooked and we all fell off, my niece said... oh I’ve been killed! I said oh well I have a broken arm... I said to my sister, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone talk that’s dead. *laughs*

What is your favourite childhood memory? My Mum and Dads love, they cared for us so much. We used to play cricket, run around and Lord knows what! I remember Dad used to grow wheat and my brother had a few pigs and sheep at one stage. We would always be around to help out with anything that needed attention, I’d even milk the cows sometimes, one cow would just let you milk her out in the middle of the paddock.

What’s your favourite food?
Oh I don’t know if I’ve really got one, I like a lot of food I probably like curry the most.

What big world events were the most memorable while you were growing up? The Second World War, I think I was 14 or 15 when it finished. There was a lot of happiness when it was over, I had three brothers in it.

What do you remember about your parents? Your grandparents? I never met Dad’s Grandparents, or my Mothers Dad.. my family were lovely people, they were very kind.

What life advice would you pass along to your grandchildren? I have two grandchildren, I would say to be kind and be honest in life.

What was your first job? I cleaned houses, that’s all I’ve done work-wise during my life.

Who were your heroes or role models when you were young? Mum and Dad, they taught me a lot in my life.

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