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Fantastic Praise for David

Fantastic Praise for David

Caption: Janine Martin (Skillset Service and Training Manager), David Sellwood, Jan Kerr (CWA Group President) and Jacqui Breen (Skillset Workforce Consultant).

Being an apprentice is hard work and sticking it out to the end can be tough, but this apprentice is on his way to completing his training and he has now been recognised for all of his hard work along the way.

David Sellwood is going into his fourth year as a Skillset Apprentice with Hort Enterprises as a Boilermaker and he has now received an Apprenticeship Scholarship from the CWA.

“I think it is a great achievement and I have put in a fair bit of hard work.

“I am a Boilermaker. I got into it because I did a fair bit on the farm and I did a fair bit of work with it at school with my HSC major project.

“Coming into my fourth year I just hope to get as many certificates as I can then hopefully if farming doesn’t work out, I will keep on as a boilermaker and try to go as far as possible,” said David.

CWA Group President, Jan Kerr, was pleased to announce David as this year’s recipient and says the scholarship is a great help for apprentices.

“The CWA of the Central West Group have had this award going now for several years and we like to recognise an apprentice who is going into fourth year who has achieved a high standard.

“The scholarship is $800 which they can use as they see fit, such as buying tools,” said Jan.

Skillset Service and Training Manager, Janine Martin, said she couldn’t think of a more worthy recipient.

“It has been a journey for David, he started off in the apprenticeship and then left for a period of time. He decided to come back and since then he has been performing at such a high level. We have just had our TAFE reviews done and the feedback in regard to David was that he was one of the most outstanding students that they have had come through the boilermaker class which is fantastic!

“Hort Enterprises are his host organisation and they have had nothing but fantastic praise for what he does on the job. For us it was a no brainer that David would receive this award.

“David has always performed really well. He is punctual, his behaviour at work is outstanding, he is a great team player in the workplace and plus his skill level is really high. It is a really good recognition of what he has managed to achieve so far,” said Janine.

David added, “The blokes I work with are probably what I enjoy most about work, they are easy to get along with and they were very welcoming when I first started.

“Thanks to my Mum and my Old Man and to the blokes I work with, the supervisors and leading hand are all good blokes and they know what they are talking about which makes it easy.”

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