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It's just business….but is it?

It's just business….but is it?

Events in our business over the last couple of weeks have brought home to me again, and in no uncertain terms, just how important it is for all of us to support local businesses, especially locally owned businesses.

We lost quite a big customer to a competitor and the initial shock, and our experience since, was not pleasant, especially after being told “ït’s just business”. At one point it seemed we had no choice but to close our doors at Christmas. Thankfully, we’ve been able to overcome that but not without making several cutbacks including reducing our staff.

The circumstances of our experience are not important but the point I really want to make here is just how important it is for all of us to spend our money locally, and at every opportunity possible. I've now personally seen and felt the pain, had the sleepless nights and made myself very unpopular among certain people, as I tried to save the ship as it were.

Do you get what I'm saying? Is it just business?

Those of us in Orange who have the power to influence people should do more than just talk the talk but really start walking the walk. If we do that, we may not change people's habits, but at least more people might respect us for it. Who knows what good might come from it, if that happened?

Things to think about when you're about to make a purchase:

Saving a few dollars by buying out of Orange or online might save you money on one hand but may cost you a lot more when your son or daughter can't get a local job, or maybe has a job and loses it.

It's not a crime for a business owner to make a profit, in fact it's vital that they do.

At the very least, give the local a chance to see if they can meet your needs, don't just go online to shop.

Think about the consequences of who may lose their job (family, friends etc.?) if you continually shop online, especially if everyone did this.

Don't do your research at a local shop, and then go online to buy what you need. That is grossly unkind, grossly unfair, wastes an honest shop owner's time, and does nothing to make a shop owner feel valued or appreciated.

Never ask a local business for a donation or sponsorship for a local charity, sporting team, school etc. if it's your normal practice to do your own personal shopping online.

If you really want to see Orange prosper, one of the very best things you can do is to do everything you can to help local business owners be successful and profitable. Unless I miss my guess, most business owners when they're going well, will share their profits around by employing more people, giving more to local causes, give better service because they're not under stress and so on and so on.

Good, decent people support, encourage and serve others, they don't just think of themselves.

Only you can decide where to spend your money - when you decide to spend it locally, it is not only a good thing that you do, but you can feel well pleased with yourself and satisfied that you've helped make Orange a better place.

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