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5 Minutes with Santa Claus

5 Minutes with Santa Claus

How are preparations going for your big night on December 25?    

Frantically! But all is under control… I think! 


Have you been watching what you eat so you can fit down everyone’s chimney?

As always. I'm on a diet. I see food and you know the rest. Magic dust works wonders! 


In 2018, do you find kids are naughtier or nicer than they were say 50 years ago? 

The naughty list has shrunk but I think that's because of the Elf on the shelf keeping me informed.


Any advice for kids to help keep them on your good side? 
Watch out for the Elf-on-a-shelf. They can be very sneaky, you know.


What are the most popular toys kids are asking for this year?
Electric car sets, train sets, X-Boxes, iPhones, laptops, dolls and more BUT... I have told the children I would bring a nice surprise if I haven’t made enough of what they asked for. 


What would you like kids to leave out for you?
A glass of milk and a biscuit, please (or whatever Mum or Dad reckon) and don't forget the Reindeer. I will try to make sure they don't make a mess this year. 


What will you be having for Christmas dinner? You’re sure to be hungry after such a l-o-n-g night. 
Whatever Mrs. Claus puts in front of me! I'm sure to be back for seconds. (Who am I to argue with the wife?)


If a kid wants to talk to you personally before Christmas, can they still do that? 
Of course! I'll be at North Orange Shopping Centre each Wednesday to Sunday and also on Christmas Eve until Christmas. 


Anything else, you’d like to tell our readers? The Elf, Mrs Claus and I have been made very welcome in Orange for a number of years now and we intend to be around for a few more!

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