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Community radio 107.5 goes National

Community radio 107.5 goes National

The Mike McColl show is a well-known national radio show which as of last weekend is now being broadcast from Orange on Saturdays from 1-4pm on 107.5 FM.

“Mike has a huge following in the Central West. It is a big thing for our station as well as it is the first time ever that we have been able to do a national program in Orange. We have always had the capabilities, we have just never had the opportunity before,” said Matt Bryant, Community Radio President.

Mike McColl added, “I have been doing the program for about 30 years. I moved to Orange for personal reasons then I had the opportunity to broadcast from here. I attempt to recreate radio as it was back in the 60s. If you had heard the radio back in the 60s you will know what I am talking about.

“My program is diversified and interactive. Listeners from all reports love what I do, and we get up to 50 phone calls in a 3-hour period. It has been a very popular program, and never did I think I would end up in Orange doing a national program”.

Callers to the show come from as far as Rockhampton, Tasmania, across to WA, Victoria, New Zealand, and from at times the United States.

“One guy from the States called me up and said we are having a party here and we were just tuning in. You are playing some good music there, I love your show, so that was a buzz. You never know who is listening,” said Mike.

Mike takes song requests for the likes of Johnny Cash, Tiny Tim and everything from the Rolling Stones to the Beatles. His show is interactive and will be sure to become a favourite.

“I have created a monster all because I get in there and do a program that I love!

“I am like an old piece of furniture, you have your favourite sofa, a favourite chair, favourite spot in the backyard, that is how I classify myself. I have been doing the program for so long. I finish the program and walk outside as a normal person but when I am in the studio and I have my headphones on and the music starts I am in another world,” said Mike.

The Community Radio Station 107.5 will also soon be launching an app to make listening to the show and the station much easier from wherever you may be.

Tune in this Saturday from 1-4pm to hear what Mike gets up to.

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