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Corina Kenny - At Your Service

Corina Kenny - At Your Service

Corina Kenny

Tell me about your business and why you pursued a career in it?
I am the Owner, Manager and Beauty Therapist at Utopia Skin and Hair Day Spa. I fell into the beauty industry as I always liked acrylic nails then when a course became available in Orange for it, that is when I started to do the nails. Then I was working with somebody and that didn’t work out, so I saw a vacant shop and went into that with no money as a single mum. Then people started asking for waxing, so I started to add stuff on. I then went into the City Centre and employed a beauty therapist, as the business progressed, I went to Tafe and did facials. I did a few other things then I bought this business which was just hairdressing and we have been building it up since then. It has been 6 months and the business has already started to take off.

Any career highlights?
Just building friendships with my clients and opening this business. I do have more plans for this and I want to make it into a full day spa. I have lots of ideas to expand the business, so it will become a one stop shop. I am that person who is constantly going, my brain does not stop.

What would be a usual day for you?
I usually walk to work in the summer then it is just servicing my clients and enjoying working with my staff, I enjoy their companionship. I do a lot of microblading, a lot of skin treatments, IPL treatments, hair removal, they are the treatments that I try to do the most.

What do you love most about your job?
I just really enjoy the clients and the staff and the atmosphere here is great. I just love having the company and the buzz of working with a team. I really enjoy being able to change peoples lives and put a smile on their face.

What is something that people might not know about your job?
You wear a lot of hats in a business. I have to do all of the book work, wages and the basic running of a business. People might not know that we do skin tightening and fat cavitation, tattoo removal and those sorts of jobs. It was a hairdressing salon for 20 years so people might not know all of the services that we do.

Other than work, tell me a bit about yourself, your interests and hobbies?
I am the most boring person out there (laughs). I have three grandkids and another one on the way. I love spending time with them and I enjoy creating side businesses. At the moment I have just started a tea business, I like the social media side of things and the networking. Otherwise it is just all business related.

What is your favourite thing to do?
I enjoy relaxing and watching TV. I like watching Netflix and I am currently watching Outlander. I like to go for a walk around the Botanic gardens too.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

I would like to go to Ireland because of my heritage and I like history and I would also like to go to New Zealand because that is where my grandkids heritage is.

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