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New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

As one year rolls into the next many of us start to think about our new year’s resolution.

The tradition of making a new year’s resolution now has a somewhat bad connotation associated with it as people continue to make unrealistic goals that they just can’t keep or reach.

So this year let’s call them our goals for the new year and let’s implement the SMART approach making our goals; specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely to ensure we achieve everything we desire.

Break up your goals into different categories such as career, lifestyle, relationships, wellness, service and gratitude, as you must first be grateful for what you have before you can receive more.

Firstly be SPECIFIC with your goals, making them clear and detailed. Ask the who, what, where, when and why for each goal.

Make a goal that is MEASURABLE and set a time frame to achieve it by. This will motivate you to do something small each day until it is accomplished. Make small steps of how you can achieve the big picture.

Breakout: “Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow”-Doug Firebaugh.

Make it ATTAINABLE. We would all love to be perfect, but that is just not realistic so think about what is important to you and how you can achieve it.

Goals need to be RELEVANT or meaningful as this will keep you motivated to stay on track and push through. There is no point saying you would like to lose 20kg and then do nothing about it. Ask why you want to achieve it and keep that as your motivation.

Lastly make your goals TIMELY and set a deadline for goals to be achieved by. Ask what you can do today to get you started. 

Goals aren’t just for the go-getters and entrepreneurs, they are for everyone who wants to live a wonderful life. We spend so much time trying to find ourselves when we should be more focused on creating ourselves.

So put pen to paper and watch the magic unfold. Write with intention and truly believe that want you want will come true. Explore what you value, what you are passionate about and what you want out of life. There is no time like the present, so just start.

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low, and we reach it.” Michelangelo



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