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So young – so much talent!

So young – so much talent!

Winning design: Talisa Smith (Aboriginal Medical Centre), Oliver Tom (Bletchington Year 6 Student) and Gavin Taylor (Aboriginal Medical Centre).

Orange Aboriginal Medical Service recently conducted a logo design competition for their soon to be constructed well-being centre. 

The name of the new facility is the walu-win centre (walu-win means healthy in Wiradjuri).

The purpose of walu-win will be to provide physical activity programs, nutrition advice and lifestyle education to facilitate self-determined physical activity, rehabilitation and positive lifestyle behaviours for members of our community.

The primary aim of the waluwin centre is to provide inclusive, engaging and positive lifestyle interventions and rehabilitative services. This will be achieved through a holistic health model with the aim of engaging, not only the local Aboriginal community, but the broader Orange community in activities that facilitate positive behavioural change.

All of the public primary schools in Orange where invited to enter the competition and it was open to children in Years 4, 5 and 6.

The children were asked to design a logo that depicted what the following motto, “walu-win garraba, walu-win gundyarri, walu-win mayiny” (healthy body, healthy spirit, healthy people) and what it meant to them.

Along with their design, the children were also asked to provide a brief written description of their logo.

“The calibre of the entries received was unbelievable. The amount of time, effort and thought that the children put into their entries was fantastic. We would like to thank all of the participants for all of their time and hard work.

“This made the selection process, very difficult, but also very enjoyable. Orange has a lot of talented children,” said Gavin Taylor, Orange Aboriginal Medical Service.

After an intensive selection process, the winning design was eventually selected.

The winning design was chosen for two reasons; the logo was simple in concept and both the description and logo summed up the purpose of walu-win.

The winning designer was Oliver Tom of Bletchington Public School, grade 6.

He described the design as, “the image is of a circle divided into three elements. These components represent healthy mind, spirit and healthy people. When all of these combine, they not only make a healthy individual, they make a healthy community”.        

As the winning designer Oliver received an OAMS branded shirt, a certificate of appreciation and a gift voucher to the value of $50.

“Well done to Oliver and all of the other entrants, you should all be proud!”

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