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Something to look forward to

Something to look forward to

There’s a rather unique event coming up in Orange during January and it sounds like a lot of fun. It’s the Berry Patch Arts Festival to be held on January 12 at Huntley Berry Farm, and it’s one for the whole family to enjoy.

“The event is a fun filled day created to give our talented local community the exposure and recognition it deserves. We have a set list for the day featuring local musicians and there will be artists selling their work, prints, crafts and workshops,” said Event Organiser Jess Koruniak.

There will be many highlights throughout the day including a live performance from local musicians such as Robbie Mortimer and Polyculture.



 “We have a broad range of genres from acoustic to electronic to harsh noise. The event is about diversity and celebrating what each individual brings to the table, so it was important to give all members of our community the opportunity to showcase their talent.

“The Galumaay dance group will also be performing which we are really excited about! I think that they will bring a showstopping and special experience to the event and really enhance the cultural, community vibe,” said Jess.

The Berry Patch Festival was created by a small group of dedicated people who wanted to keep the spirit of community and music alive.

“As a local artist I struggled to find the community support that I needed to begin with and I feared that with the growth of Orange, it was losing its community spirit. I realized how essential community support was in order to gain exposure and obtain a solid, initial following especially now that social media is so essential in everyday life. For the size of our town, I felt that most local artists should have a larger following.

“Many artists my own age have left Orange after High School, believing that they have more of a chance of succeeding in a creative field elsewhere such as Sydney or Melbourne. If we were to better support our local creatives, they would have no reason to leave their home town. The arts community in Orange is MASSIVE, we just don't hear about them.

“This is a platform for all artists to gain the exposure they need and come together to form one big arts community. Imagine if every artist and musician you knew came together to promote one another? The response would be enormous and could easily bring more tourism to the area. I think that this event will also enhance the sense of culture,” said Jess.

The Berry Patch Arts Festival in January will give us all a chance to support and encourage local artists and all involved in putting the event on. Put it in your diary.


The Festival is already booked out for musicians, however, they are still looking for artists to be a part of the day. If you’re interested, contact local artist Jess Koruniak on 0408163929.
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