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30 year milestone for Ashcroft’s

30 year milestone for Ashcroft’s

Ian Ashcroft, of Ashcroft’s IGA, today marked 30 years since starting business in Orange.

It was on 18 July 1988 that Ian officially took over the Peisley Street supermarket, then under the Payless banner.

Prior to the move to Orange, Ian had been managing a supermarket for a large chain in Melbourne, but decided he wanted to be his own boss.

“I wasn't a corporate person, I didn't really agree with what the corporate world wanted us to do back then, so I decided I'd do a better job,” he said.

“And Orange was the nicest place we visited to come and have a look at, and I still think Orange is one of the best, if not the best country city in Australia, so it was a good decision.”

From Ian’s start at the store in Peisley Street, the Ashcroft family now operate a second Orange store in the Summer Centre, as well as in Moss Vale, Dubbo and Erskine Park.

“That's been a great thing because we've been able to employ more people and look after more people in the community, which is more important,” said Ian.

Ashcroft’s IGA stores today employ about 200 people in Orange and 400 across all five stores.

The Ashcrofts have also submitted plans to Council for a major refurbishment of their Peisley Street supermarket, which should take place later this year, said Ian.

“We’re about to change and modernise the store and it will be better for Orange, as well to have it look better than the tired store looks now,” he said.

“We've ordered all the equipment and we are ready to go now, we are just waiting for the regulatory process to be done.”

Ian said he is grateful to all the customers who have supported their stores over the past 30 years.

“We have the best customers. Orange people are amazing, it really is the best place in Australia to live, he said.

“My dream would be to still be walking in and annoying these people in 30 years time!”

The race is on for $10 pizzas!

The race is on for $10 pizzas!

Heifer Station in the running for Regional Tourism Award

Heifer Station in the running for Regional Tourism Award