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Donato pledges his pay rise to struggling farmers

Donato pledges his pay rise to struggling farmers

Member for Orange, Philip Donato MP has announced he will be donate the 2.5 percent government pay rise from his salary to farmers struggling for survival in this drought.

"Enough is enough; the Government and the elected National Party members that comprise it have failed our farmers and failed to deliver what our farmers now need so desperately." Mr. Donato said.

“Ninety-nine per cent of NSW is currently in drought and the government really needs to step up and do more to assist our farmers. Things like freight subsidies for fodder, for stock, for water, The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party member said it has been left to charities such as Aussie Helpers to pick up the slack and they need our support.

"That's why I will be donating the full 2.5 percent of the government's pay rise from my pay cheque to supporting our farmers through the registered drought charity, Aussie Helpers,” said Mr. Donato, who has put out the challenge to other politicians to follow suit.

“I put the challenge out there to John Barilaro and every other state and federal politicians, especially those in regional areas to join me and do the same in donating their pay rise to a charitable organisation of their choosing, to really help and support the farming families in our communities who are really struggling and doing it tough in one of the worst droughts that they’ve seen in decades.”

Brian Egan of Aussie Helpers described the current situation as ‘catastrophic’ and welcomed Mr. Donato’s support for farming communities.

He said if people see other politicians following suit, it could make a real difference to people struggling in this drought.

It would just be a great gesture to say look I'm sticking my hand up I'm going to do something for my community, and that is so damn important for people to see,” Mr. Egan said.

“The aim of the game is to really let the people in the city, more than anything, know that we really need help from the city to keep the bush alive, because without the bush the city won't survive.”

Mr. Donato said that if elected Nationals MP's truly represent farmers, and the communities of rural and regional Australia as they claim to, then they should now lead as they were elected to do, and lead by example.

"I call on them to put their money where their mouth is."

Mr. Donato has provided the following links to charities helping farmers during this drought:







Many will see this as mere politicking but whatever else it is, it still involves personal cost to Phil Donato and is a clear display of generosity on his and his family’s part. Phil is putting some of his own money where his mouth is and no one should knock him for that, whatever motives they may choose to apply. Generosity in any form, and at any time, should always be encouraged.



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