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A bottler of an idea

A bottler of an idea

One local businessman wants visitors to Orange to see our region’s wine industry put front and centre.


Tolie Bashara of Central West Trophies and Embroidery has approached Orange City News with his suggestion to see an avenue of giant wine bottles placed at the eastern entrance to Orange to promote the city as a vibrant, wine-growing capital.

Not only would it celebrate the local wine industry, but it could become a tourist attraction in its own right, said Mr. Bashara.

“I think it is an excellent idea for Orange. Let's be out there in people's faces. If they are going to drive past, they see it, get photos and on there, it will have the address of where the vineyards are, so I think it is a really good concept,” he said.

A regular visitor to Griffith, Mr. Bashara said they have a number of 3-metre high wine bottles featuring local labels on the road to the Griffith Airport.

“It is at the airport which is not a high traffic area and I reckon it would be a great idea on the road coming into Orange from the east,” said Mr. Bashara, who would like to see if others would support his idea.

“It is only a thought and I thought I'd like to share it… I'd really love to be able to promote our area and I thought why don't we try and put it out there and see what people think.

“I personally reckon that something like this at the entry to Orange would really tell people that we are a serious wine growing area.”


I love it! But what do you think of Tolie’s idea? Tourism is an important industry for Orange and brings money and jobs to our city. But we can’t rest on our laurels and we need to keep promoting all the region has to offer. Do you think Tolie’s idea for the entrance to Orange has merit?

What do you think should be done to keep our visitor numbers growing?

If you have any great ideas to keep Orange growing and thriving we’d love to hear them here at Orange City News.


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