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Who will be Orange’s first pump track royalty?

Who will be Orange’s first pump track royalty?

Cyclists from across the Central West will be competing for bragging rights at the Anzac Park BMX Track this Sunday.

The event, known as a pump track party, is something new for Orange, said organiser Peter Rodgers from Orange Mountain Bike Club.

But put simply, pump track parties are a friendly test of riding ability, a chance to show off and to have a bit of fun with your mates, said Mr. Rodgers. 

For those who prefer two legs to two wheels, a pump track is a series of jumps and mounds that allows a cyclist to generate momentum from the terrain without pedaling.

“You can propel yourself along and generate speed without pedaling,” said Mr Rodgers. “It’s the same sort of energy if you were skateboarding going up and down a ramp, or sitting on a swing swinging your legs, it can be physically demanding, but it tests your skills, your timing and it's a lot of fun.”

The event this Sunday is the first in a series of four free pump track parties Mr. Rodgers has planned between now and September.

While there will be a competitive element to the events, with a ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ crowned on the day, it is mostly about getting cyclists together for a friendly celebration of the culture, he said.

“I just wanted to put something on for the mountain biking community and cycling community in general,” Mr. Rodgers said.

“Pump track parties are just a bit of fun; people showing a bit of skill, people learning new skills that transfer to other parts of their riding, and it is attractive to all age groups.”

The events are free, but riders must be members of Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA).

Mr. Rodgers is hoping the event might entice more local cyclists to get involved in the club.

“The club has a lot of members in Orange, but really it is probably only 20 percent of the people who ride mountain bikes.That's fair enough to because not everyone likes to race,” he said

“This is just a free event that I'm putting just to celebrate the culture and it gives those sort of people a good reason why you should join the club.”

Mr. Rodgers said the event is the first of its kind for Orange, but they are popular at other cycling competitions around the world as they appeal to riders from different disciplines.

The race format will see each rider complete two timed runs with the top ten male and female competitors entering a shootout to determine the winner.

All spectators are welcome to join the fun and encouraged to join the MTBA if they want to ride at future events.

The pump track party will kick off 11am Sunday at the Anzac Park BMX Track. Competitors sign up from 10am.

‘About bloody time, Gladys’: Donato

‘About bloody time, Gladys’: Donato

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