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Norm’s call to serve!

Norm’s call to serve!

Norm Bembrick has been a Lion’s Club member in Orange for the last 41 years and he’s just completed his 4th stint as President of Orange Canobolas Lions, he’s a very proud Lion but he’s concerned about the future of Service Clubs generally.

Norm is urging others within our community to consider joining a local Service Club to keep the great work they do going.

“The work and fundraising Service Clubs do in a community like Orange is invaluable, here in Orange alone last year, local service clubs would have donated $500,000 or more to various charities, both local and in other places.” Norm said.

“Our club alone raised $112,000 last year, an amazing amount for a club of just 25 members.”

The problem is however, that all Service Clubs are experiencing difficulties in gaining new members, particularly younger members, and Norm believes that new thinking may be required to maintain adequate numbers in the future.

“Social media and the busy lifestyles that families have to contend with these days are all playing a part in the shift away from people making long term or permanent commitments to anything, including Service Clubs. Younger people are still willing to enthusiastically support one off or short-term products but seem hesitant to commit to anything long term.” Norm said.

“Our youngest member is around 40 with our average age closer to 60, I think new thinking and a different way of how Service Clubs do things may soon have to be looked at, I think that will be inevitable.”

In the meantime, Norm wants to encourage anyone who may have been thinking about serving our community in some greater way to consider joining a local Service Club. He says the rewards can be most satisfying.

“Speaking for myself, I just love the friendships I’ve made through the Club, the face to face fellowship that comes through our regular dinner meetings and seeing the unbelievable generosity of people towards the various fundraising initiatives we undertake.”

“There are several Service Clubs in Orange and all would welcome the opportunity to talk to anyone interested in finding out more. I encourage anyone who is the slightest bit interested, to take the next step and seek out a Club member to take them along to a meeting, in the first place simply as a guest, and then go from there.” Norm said.

There are numerous Service Clubs in Orange that cater for both men and women and we’ve listed a few below for your consideration –

Orange Canobolas Lion’s Club 0419 641 282
Orange Lion’s Club 0408 112 858
Rotary Club of Orange 0428 459 117
Orange North Rotary Club 6361 4878
Rotary Club of Orange Daybreak 0419 690 895
Quota Club of Orange 6365 1044
Inner Wheel 0402 702 555

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