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Longer free parking on City Centre agenda

Longer free parking on City Centre agenda

Orange City Centre shoppers will be able to park longer for free if Council agrees to a request for a new parking agreement from Centre management.

Orange City Centre management have asked Council to extend the free parking period in their car park from two hours to three hours.

Currently, an agreement exists whereby Council parking attendants enforce the two hours parking limit in the City Centre car park.

In a letter to Council, City Centre Manager Nicole Chapman said the change would help their retailers by providing more time for customers to shop.

“The Centre is currently experiencing lower traffic flow and we feel by offering customers increased parking time that the businesses within the Centre will benefit,” wrote Ms Chapman.

With the City Centre about to undergo a major renovation, she added that longer parking is more in line with what other large centres offer.

 “Post development the Centre will have approximately sixty retail stores therefore two hours is not sufficient time for customers to meet and shop. Most large Centres offer the first three hours free therefore we would like to introduce the same,” said Ms Chapman.

 Council staff have recommended that Council support the change to three hour parking.

A review has determined that adjusting the patrol times to a three hours schedule is possible if Council decides to do so.

Staff identified a number of issues for Council’s consideration in determining whether or not to support the request, including the need for clear signage to avoid confusion for shoppers having different time limits at different shopping centres.

But they said the change is likely to result in a greater number of parking spaces being made available within Lords Place and surrounding streets.

Council will consider the request at their meeting 7pm Tuesday, 21 August.

Council meetings are live streamed via Orange City Council’s Youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE48mlZztE-P386auSsyPHQ?view_as=public

Or you can following the links on the Council website: www.orange.nsw.gov.au

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