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First step towards our future CBD

First step towards our future CBD

Photo by Troy Pearson

Do you have ideas on what the Orange Central Business District of the future should look like? Orange City Council wants to hear from you.

On Thursday 30 August, Council is hosting a community forum to look at ways they can improve the CBD as part of a multi-million dollar, main street makeover.

Council has budgeted $10 million over the next two years for upgrades to the CBD and is looking to source a further $20 million from state and federal grants.

The project, labelled the ‘OC Future City initiative’ is aimed at supporting jobs growth as well as improving the look of the CBD.

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd said that when Council undertook the Where to Next? consultation earlier this year a key message from the community was the CBD needed work.

“We got a range of feedback from more parking and more retail options through to better cultural activities, piazzas, malls and market precincts,” Cr Kidd said.

“While improved access, amenity and liveability will be important, we will be focused on ideas and initiatives that support economic growth.”

Cr Kidd said it could be easy to get distracted by the details around what it might finally look like, but he said the focus needs to be on what we want it to deliver.

“This is principally about new jobs and ensuring we have a vibrant CBD for decades to come,” he said.

Cr Kidd said that will there will be strong interest from the business community, particularly those located in the CBD, but feedback from across the community was important.

The community forum will be held in the Council Chamber from 6pm to 8pm on Thursday 30 August. Attendees can register by emailing council@orange.nsw.gov.au


It always worries me when input from the general public is sought over important projects like this. The task is very much a business one, not just a decorating job. I think it’s important that any suggestions that come forward are considered and evaluated based on the skill and experience of the giver. For me this should be treated as a major marketing opportunity, not just a makeover project.

Whatever is done needs to be such that it helps promote economic growth, and that means more people coming here to shop, do business etc., not just provide a pretty streetscape. We need to provide visitors with an overall experience that will cause them to share their good experience here and want to come back again.

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