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Newey’s Drive Thru Cleaners

Newey’s Drive Thru Cleaners

You describe your business as a ‘cleaners’, not just ‘dry cleaners,’ why is that?

The reason we don't call ourselves dry cleaners is we just about clean anything in any way possible that needs to be done — dry cleaned, wet cleaned, laundered, whatever — that's what we do.


Are your customers mostly walk-ins or do you do commercial laundry as well?

A lot of commercial laundry; motel laundry, B&B laundry, as well as AirBnb. We have a complete laundry set up out the back with large industrial washing machines and roller irons as well as the dry cleaning.


How many items would go through the laundry and dry cleaners each week?

Thousands! The numbers are huge and it’s mindboggling keeping an eye on it and everyone has got to be on their toes so they know exactly where garments are at all times.

How many staff do you employ here?

We have 17, casuals and full time.

What are the advantages for customers using your services?

Our finishing techniques are going to be a lot better with steam than they would be with ironing, and of course we are in the game of saving people time. Everyone's busy these days so people can use us, keep their weekend's free and not worry about ironing shirts or trousers for Monday — go out and enjoy your life.

I imagine you would see a few desperate faces come through the door hoping you can work miracles on a disastrous stain?

All the time. Kids with lipstick or chewing gum, ink stains, we get it all the time and they are always difficult jobs. We never say we will be 100 percent on everything, but we will certainly give it a crack.

What other services do you provide here, that people may not know about?

People don't realise how much sewing we do. Zips, hems, repairs, alterations — we have a very good seamstress, it is amazing what she can do.

What advice would you give people to get the most out of their suits and coats?

It is important not to put away clothing that might be stained. A fellow puts his suit away and then pulls it out and finds that the lapels have been eaten away because there was something down the front he didn't realise was there. You don't want to find a disaster in six month’s time.


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