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Another amazing drought story

Another amazing drought story

The stories of people rising to the aid of drought ravaged NSW farmers continue, this one all the way from the Apple Isle.

A Tassie potato grower is lending a helping hand to fellow farmers in New South Wales, sending two B-Doubles of potatoes to feed hungry cattle.

Sorrell potato growers Ruby and Nathan Daly of Daly Potato Co. have teamed up with South Australian-based Quinn Transport to send over 80 tonnes of potatoes to drought-affected farmers in Orange and Tamworth. 

The first B-Double carrying 40 tonnes bound for Orange will depart on Sunday, hopefully arriving by Tuesday next week.

“The farmer in Orange has just ran out of the last of his feed and now has nothing to feed his livestock, so we are urgently trying to get our potatoes over to him as soon as possible to hopefully save these animals,” said Ruby Daly.

“We're donating the potatoes, Quinn’s Transport are donating the truck and time and Tas Petroleum are helping out with the fuel.”

Ms. Daly said they hope to send off the second truckload of potatoes next week but they need to raise money to help with some of the costs.

“We just need some help to cover the costs to send the trucks over to the mainland,” Ms Daly said.

The Daly’s started a GoFundMe campaign on Monday, August, which had raised more than $1800 by Friday afternoon.

““We know first-hand how tough farming can be, but with your support we can all do our bit to help them out,” Ms Daly said.

“This money will continue to help us to donate more potatoes through to struggling farmers.”

The Daly’s have previously donated 8 tons of potatoes to cattle farmers affected by drought with the help Littles Pacific Oyster Carriers and SRT Logistics.

Donations can be made here: www.gofundme.com/feed-for-farmers


It’s stories like this that do the heart good. So far away from the problem, yet still willing to move mountains to help.

Cartoon Comment with Mike Badman

Cartoon Comment with Mike Badman

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Time now to make life better - Gee