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Business News: The Growth continues

Business News: The Growth continues

Dubbo businessman Troy Paton is betting on continued growth in the Orange housing market, with a local branch of his concrete supplies business, Concrete World Industries, set to open here 2019.

Mr Paton, who comes from a whole family of concreters, started up his ‘one-stop concrete shop’ in Dubbo nearly eight years after seeing there was a real need for a supplier of speciality concrete products.

“Before we were open in Dubbo a concreter would go to a local hardware and the local hardware wouldn't even know what they were talking about, simply because they don't specialise in it,” he said. “So, then they'd have to go to Sydney to Melbourne or Brisbane to get what they needed pay the freight and everything else.”

Mr Paton said they already do significant business in Orange, Bathurst and Lithgow, but he expects that will only grow once they set up their showroom and warehouse.

“Orange and Bathurst is one of the big boom areas for sure. We are sending down here to Orange and Bathurst almost daily on freight and our own trucks running down every second day,” he said.

“If we were here with a presence not only would the local concreters and builders have access to gear here that they wouldn't get anywhere else out of Sydney, it will be right at their fingertips.”

Mr Paton said two of his nine full-time staff will relocating to Orange and he will be looking for a further four staff locally.

Much like his Dubbo operation, Mt Paton said their site in Barrett Court will have an 1800 metre shed with full displays of all their coloured concrete and stenciled concrete products.

“Before we opened in Dubbo customers would have to choose a coloured concrete or stencil off a brochure or drive around and have a look at people's driveways. Now we have full displays set up, so they can come to us and compare, get pricing and make choices which makes it easier for the builder and for the customers,” he said.

“We specialise in what nobody else does and we stock it all. And not only do we stock it all, we know exactly how to use it.”

Mr Paton said there first trading day in Orange would be 4 February, 2019.

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