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We can do this!

We can do this!

Calling all gingers! Orange’s second attempt at the redhead world record is fast approaching and with out a doubt, if we put our mind to it, we can do this!


Once again, redheads of all shades are being called on to help get the job done.

This September, the Redhead Hunt4HD is back on in Wade Park for a second attempt at setting a Guinness World Record for the most redheads gathered in the one place.

Although the 2017 attempt fell short of the record, local event organiser Rachael Brooking believes they have the momentum now to have a good chance at taking the record.

“People were all coming up to me at the end of the day, saying we will be back next year, and asking are you having it again next year, which was really lovely. I just hope they stick to their promises of returning and bring some more redheads with them!” said Ms. Brooking.

The current official record of 1,672 is held by the Dutch City of Breda and was set back in 2013.

Ms. Brooking is hoping to top that on 29 September and is inviting everyone to come along to Wade Park for a family-friendly festival day with food and market stalls, competitions and plenty of entertainment for the kids — you don’t even have to be a redhead to enjoy the fun.

“We will accept all hair colours, but if you do know a ginger please, please, please bring them along,” said Ms. Brooking. 

Not one to solely leave things to chance, Ms. Brooking has made sure to book a few redhead acts to help boost numbers.

The MC for the day is Canberra radio personality Kristen Henry (who might even be bringing a redhead contingent from the Capital) and headlining the entertainment will be Kiwi brother and sister duo and former X-Factor contestants Brentwood.

“They’re redheads themselves so that is another two to add to the tally that I didn't have last year,” said Ms. Brooking.

“Then we have singer/songwriter Jimmy Davis, who also has fabulous red locks down to his shoulders, so he will be doing some performing for us as well and we have a local band to sort of play us out for the rest of the afternoon.”

Wade Park will be filled with food and market stalls, competitions and plenty of entertainment for everyone.

while the day is all about having a bit of fun, there is a serious side. Redhead Hut4HD was created as a way to raise funds and awareness of Huntington Disease, an inherited brain disorder that affects hundreds of families across the state.

“Most people know my story about my mum passing away at 50 and my brother has inherited it also,” said Ms. Brooking. “There’s about 30 families or more just in the Central West with Huntington's disease. There is no treatment or cure at this stage and it is a very complex disease with lots of different facets affecting different families.”

“Mum was a fabulous redhead and that's where the idea came from. It is all about a bit of fun and I'm just trying to keep Mum’s spirit alive.”

Redhead Hunt4HD will be held in Wade Park on Saturday, 29 September (October Long Weekend) from 10am to 4pm.


Folks, this is very doable, and at a time when many local businesses are feeling the effects of the drought, an event like this has the potential to bring thousands of people to Orange and if that happens, the money they’ll bring and spend here will be a real boost for our economy. If we all do our part and invite family and friends with red/ginger hair to Orange for the event, you’ll be doing your City a great service. Please spread the word, we will be.


This is totally doable! We were sooooooooooo close to breaking the world record last year. Come on, Gingers! This year we're going in that book! 

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