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Readhead World Record Attempt: Nine days and counting!

Readhead World Record Attempt: Nine days and counting!

Photo: Tearna Cobham one of the Organisers of the Event, Valery Hamberick from Stockman’s Ridge, Murray Smith from Canobolas Smith, Rachel Brooking Organiser of Event, Bob Derrick from Montoro, Justin Byrne from Strawhouse Wines and Bailey Montoro Cellar Dog.

Orange’s second attempt at the redhead world record is just 9 days away and as previously mentioned, redheads of all shades are being called on to help get the job done.

Organiser Rachael Brooking has put in a power of work to make this happen and Orange City Life wants to do everything we can to help her achieve the ultimate goal. It’s very doable, but it will require a massive effort by all of us to urge, invite, bribe, blackmail or whatever it takes to get as many red or ginger headed family and friends to Orange on Saturday September 29.

By way of reminder, the task at hand is to get the most redheads in the one place at the one time, the current official record of 1,672 is held by the Dutch City of Breda and was set back in 2013.

This year the event is called Redhead Hunt4HD (Hunting’s Disease) and will be held at Wade Park on Saturday, 29 September (October Long Weekend) from 10am to 4pm. The record attempt is scheduled for 1pm.

But there’s more……

Ginger Festival Wine Tour
Taneil Thornberry

This year there will also be a Ginger Wine Festival Tour which will coincide with the event and give people an alternative to the family fun day and still participate in the fundraiser for Huntington’s Disease.

“We are just wanting to add another element to the Red Head Hunt 4 HD this year. I was able to get the wonderful London red double decker bus into town for a couple of days and this is what the people on the wine tour will be going on.

“We are just trying to spread that colour of red, have a bit of fun and visit some local wineries. We will be visiting three wineries and there will be lunch included.

“There will be a wine tour on Saturday 29 and one on Sunday 30 as well. If the red heads would like to go they should really go on the Sunday as I will need them on Saturday for the count.

“People don’t have to be red heads to come on the wine tour. We are encouraging people to wear red on the day and there will be wine up for grabs, other prizes and quizzes throughout the day,” said Organiser of the event Rachel Brooking. 

The wine tour will go from 10.30am-5pm with the opportunity to visit Montoro, Stockman’s Ridge, Canobolas Smith and Straw House cellar doors.

Bob Derrick from Montoro said they are thrilled to be able to help out for the event.

“It is a great cause and it is a condition that inflicts quite a few people in Orange. To get an event to support it, how could we say no,” said Bob.

The cost of the wine tour will be $69 per person with the money going towards Huntington’s NSW/ACT.

Be sure to book your tickets early for the wine tour and if you are interested in going to the main event on Saturday be sure to gather all of your red head friends to attempt to break the World Record Attempt Take Two at 1pm.

This is our BIG chance to get our name into the Guiness Book of World Records, let’s give it our very best shot! More details in next week’s OC Life.

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