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Focus of women’s health

Focus of women’s health

This week is Women’s Health Week from 3-7 September and local women are encouraged to head along to McCarthy’s Pharmacy for an educational display on women’s health.

 McCarthy’s Pharmacy has teamed up with The Pinnacle Physiotherapy Clinic to increase awareness and to educate the public on where they can turn to for advice.

“We are encouraging local women to come out and speak about their health. A lot of the time they are caring for other people, so it is time to look at themselves and go okay I might need to get some support in certain areas of my life.  

“We have a lot of information here and people have been coming and looking at the display, giving it attention and time and taking brochures with them which is great,” said Verity Williams, Baby Whisperer at McCarthy’s Pharmacy.

Kylie Walkins, Physiotherapist at Pinnacle Physio added, “This years is all about women putting themselves first and for them to prioritise their health. There are different topics for each day of the week around pelvic floor care, hormonal care, mental health, and those sorts of things.

“I think women don’t prioritise their health as much as they should, so it is an excuse to do it. It is just about raising awareness and encouraging women to do something for themselves”.

The Jean Hails Foundation supports Women’s Health Week and they will be releasing new information and resources online each day.

Each day has a new topic:
Tuesday: Happier Hormones. How to support your hormones for greater health.
Wednesday: Mental Wellbeing. A reminder to invest in own mental wellbeing, how to protect your mental health and how to be kinder to yourself.
Thursday: Pelvic Power. Recognising the importance of pelvic floor muscles and how to both activate and strengthen them, but also to relax them, regardless of your age or life stage.
Friday: Wired and Tired. Women often juggle many roles in life, so fatigue and exhaustion are common. Strategies to gain energy, rather than drain it are important.

The Women’s Health Week display is located inside McCarthy’s Pharmacy, however you can also find more information online at https://jeanhailes.org.au/

Pictured: Anna Edwards-Practice Manager at Pinnacle Physio, Verity Williams-Baby Whisperer McCarthy’s Pharmacy, Jamil Khalfan-Pharmacist McCarthy’s Pharmacy, Annika Rookyard- Pharmacist McCarthy’s Pharmacy, Kylie Walkins- Physiotherapist Pinnacle Physio.


Grant funding available

Grant funding available

Is this Rego Number Yours??

Is this Rego Number Yours??