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New inventions wanted

New inventions wanted

Photo: A New Inventor Winner from a few years back who now have their item in production.

The Australian National Field Days (ANFD) are fast approaching with this year’s event being held on September 25-27.

This year they have a new event that you could want to be a part of, being the New Inventors competition.

If you are a back yard tinker or maybe you are always coming up with weird and wonderful ideas, then this competition is for you!

Manager at the ANFD, Jayne West, says the competition gives people a new opportunity.

“In times of tough, like the drought, farmers get very inventive – so they become backyard inventors or tinkers. This is a chance for them to display their wares and hopefully for other farmers to see and often give comment on ways to improve or change. It may lead to the invention getting patoned and then into production,” Jayne said.

There is only one rule with this competition and that is that the product must not be in production, how easy is that!

This is the first year that the ANFD have decided to run this event since The Land Newspaper stopped theirs three years ago, so it is an entirely new competition.

The winner of the competition will receive a trophy, a $100 prize and media coverage.

“The ANFD will also give a free site and two tickets to all the inventors chosen to display their item over the three days at the Field Days. We have put aside a grassed area and pavilion for all the inventors. They will be judged on Thursday by two of the ANFD Committee members and announced at 5pm,” said Jayne.

If this sounds like you or somebody you know, then contact the ANFD on 6362 1588 or email info@anfd.com.au

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