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Happy 100th Minnie!

Happy 100th Minnie!

Last week we had Helen Ross pop into our office to share the news her Aunt, Minnie Whalan had reached the spectacular age of 100! Such a milestone deserves sharing and OC Life is delighted to do that with our readers. Some will no doubt know Minnie. Thanks Helen!


Minnie Josephine Whalan (nee Ross) was born in Wellington, NSW on December 21, 1918. She grew up on a small orchard in the village of Mullion Creek just north of Orange.

Minnie’s father was a fettler on the Great Western Rail line and worked on weekends to establish the family home and the orchard. She attended Mullion Creek Primary School with her older siblings, Norman and Doreen, then Orange High School until age 14.  Minnie then worked on the orchard and travelled into Orange by train to learn dress making.

In the late 1930’s a young railway porter (Harold Whalan) offered to carry her suitcase some 3km from the station to her home, Harold must had made quite the impression on Minnie as they later married in the Baptist Church on November 28, 1942.

As Harold moved around with NSW Railways in his job as Station Master, they lived in many small villages and country towns including Gulgong, Forbes, Kyarren, Albert, Micheago, Euchareena, Curlewis before finally arriving in St Marys in 1969. This is where they built a new home, which was also the first time they lived in a house that they owned.

Both keen Gardeners they turned their patch into a beautiful garden, the envy of neighbours and visitors alike. Along the way they always joined the local church, tennis club and the CWA if there was one.

Harold and Minnie had two sons, Ross and Peter, seven grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and one great, great grandchild.

Both Minnie and Harold attended the inaugural meeting to discuss the establishment of a retirement village in Emu Plains with Harold going on to serve as a board member during the early days of Edinglassie, Minnie moved into the village in 2007.

Minnie is a quiet, reserved and friendly lady who is very determined with a strong sense of family and a great passion for her church, tennis and her garden.

Congratulations and best wishes to you Minnie!

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