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Master Mike

Master Mike

Local Mike Middleton now has a pretty unique new title - Master Auditor, issued by Exemplar Global, making him one of just four in NSW.

“The other three are located in Sydney or the surrounding suburbs.  I am literally the only one between Baulkham Hills out to the State borders. There are only 18 Master Auditors in Australia, at this time,” said Mike.

Mike is an Orange based auditor with over 31 years of experience in workplace health and safety and he is pretty thrilled with his new title.

“I am somewhat gratified. It takes a lot to gain the qualifications and experience that leads to such a certification.  Anyone can do a course, but one needs to gain experience, and recognition through meeting the certification guidelines from a Body such as Exemplar Global.  

“I am also excited, especially since there appears to be no-one of similar standing in Country NSW, and not many Australia-wide.  Such a title adds to the quality of service my WHS-Risk Management Business ‘Midd-West Risk Management’ can offer,” Mike said.

Mike started his career in OHS back in 1987 when he was appointed Regional Manager for Lithgow/Dubbo/Young.

“Interestingly, Orange City Council was the first organisation back in 1987 for which I conducted a full OHS audit, under the NSCA banner,” he said.

Few people would know the importance of an auditor, so Mike runs us through the highs and lows of the job.

“A well-conducted (grading) audit with recommendations, provides a sound platform for an organisation to build a systematic, compliant way of doing WHS, which in turn should allow Directors and Managers the chance to sleep more peacefully knowing that things are in place to minimise their WHS risk/s.  

“The most challenging part would be getting a good handle on the particular type of Industry, ensure an appropriate audit tool is available or in some cases, developed, and delivering a great report with recommendations for improvement.

“On quite a few occasions I have had to review an organisation’s WHS Management Systems after a death or serious injury – then compile a report that will ‘stand up in Court’ and even appear in Court to be cross-examined as an expert-witness.  For such, you have to be on your game and know your WHS ‘stuff,” said Mike.

Mike loves what he does, and that’s why this achievement is so important to him.

“Whilst being passionate about my own health and that of my family and friends, helping organisations minimise health and safety risks that their staff are exposed to, is a great target to aim for, together. Well conducted audits can provide great assistance to organisations that are keen to improve,” he said.

Congratulations on your achievement Mike!

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