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Tips on Cyber Safety

Tips on Cyber Safety

Cyber Security has become such an important factor in today’s society with many hoaxes, scams and identity theft occurring. We all know that we could be a bit more careful however sometimes we just don’t know what to look for. We have broken down some tips for you to prevent and identify suspect material over the phone and online.

In no particular order here are a list of tips to help you be more aware of cyber safety.

1. Use multi-factor authentication where possible. Regularly change passwords, and do not share them.

2. Run weekly anti-virus and malware scans and have up-to-date security software.

3. Always use a spam filter on your email account and do not open unsolicited messages.

4. Be wary of downloading attachments or opening email links you receive that look uncommon.

5. Be vigilant when using public wireless networks. Avoid making online transactions while using public or complimentary wi-fi.

6. Keep personal information private and be aware of who you are interacting with.

7. Treat your personal information like cash. Do not leave your personal information lying around. If your personal information is stolen, it is very difficult to get back.

8. Be sure you are downloading authorised and legitimate programs. Unless you know the program is legitimate, do not open attachments or download it.


Information sourced from the ATO.

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