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A once in a lifetime experience

A once in a lifetime experience

There is more than meets the eye to 17-year-old Jasper Mihalich (and that’s not just because he carries a large instrumental case around with him). Jasper is a very talented musician, he teaches and plays the Tuba here in Orange. Recently, Jasper was invited to go on tour with the Sydney Youth Orchestra (SYO), travelling to the United Kingdom from April 10, for two weeks.

The tour will provide Jasper with an outstanding opportunity to develop his orchestral playing and to gain professional and educational partnerships with musicians from the best orchestra in the UK and the world.

Jasper explained, “It was an audition process with the SYO, I was shocked after finding out I was in, Mum videoed my reaction (she knew beforehand) I was just sitting there I couldn’t believe it. I’m expecting it to be a once in a lifetime experience if I’m going to be honest, it’s really exciting, not only have I not visited the UK before, the chance to play with a full orchestra is great (in Orange there isn’t really that opportunity). I’m hoping to gain a lot of experience whilst I’m over there as I want to pursue music as a career.”

What is particularly exciting is the tour’s focus on educational projects, this will include a three-day intensive side by side program in collaboration with the London Philharmonia (Orchestra), as well as performances in Cardiff, Manchester, London, Cambridge and Oxford . “I still get a little nervous before playing, not as much anymore because of all of the performing but sitting side by side with a professional tuba player will certainly have me on the edge of my seat.”

“My family are very musically inclined and I think that has encouraged me, my twin lives in Sydney he plays the Obo, Mum is a music teacher and Dad… he has a good CD collection,” Jasper smiled. “Being a tuba player you are asked to play a lot, it is a very needed instrument and not a lot of people play it... which is great for me.”

“It’s kind of like the instrument chose me”

Jasper’s tuba journey began when he was in year three, “We had the opportunity to walk around a room and try instruments, I walked up to the tuba and gave it a go, the conductor of the band looked at me and said, you HAVE to play that now!” Jasper laughed, “It’s kind of like the instrument chose me, we then realised the tuba was a little bit too big for me, so I started off on the euphonium (smaller version of a tuba) and when I got the opportunity to start learning the tuba I took it.”

When asking Jasper what it takes to be a tuba player he replied, “A good set of lungs… determination, patience (it does take a while to really master all of it) and I guess willingness to carry it around (its heavy).

So, this is where the wonderful community of Orange come in, Jasper has a Go Fund Me Page set up to help him with the financial burden of the trip, his idea is this…



For any business who is able to sponsor Jasper, he would like to print your logo onto a sticker which he will put onto his tuba case (and it's a big case!).

For any individual or family he would like to print your name onto a sticker which will also go on the case (did we mention it's a big case?!)

Contact Jasper on 19michalichj@gmail.com to get involved or visit his Go Fund Me Page- https://www.gofundme.com/help-jasper-tour-with-the-sydney-youth-orchestra and send him off on the trip of a lifetime!

Money available for young carers

Money available for young carers

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