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Edge, emotion and incredible dancing

Edge, emotion and incredible dancing

Arrebato Ensemble brings contemporary flamenco to Orange

On Friday 8 February at 6:00pm, Orange Regional Conservatorium kicks off its 2019 season with the award-winning Arrebato Ensemble in an evening of wine, canapés and fiery flamenco rhythms. Touring as part of Musica Viva’s regional concerts program, the group will visit Orange for one night only with its brand-new album, ‘Sofia's Dream’. Arrebato Ensemble is contemporary flamenco with edge and emotion, led by best friends and long-time musical collaborators, the acclaimed flamenco guitarist Greg Alfonzetti and multi-instrumentalist Damian de Boos-Smith.

As they celebrate 15 years as a performing and recording entity, Greg and Damian have recently released their third album ‘Sofia's Dream’ with a new lineup that includes Byron Mark (cajon, percussion, piano) and dancer Chachy Peñalver, born in Venezuela and now founder and director of Sydney Flamenco Studio. All music is original, composed by the ensemble.

“Expect a performance that is beautiful and haunting but also humorous and joyful, connected with the depth of

memory and ancient longing,” says Greg. “There is much lively interaction between the musicians which is great fun to watch, and the pieces have a wide dynamic and emotional journey. Chachy’s incredible dancing has many jaw-dropping moments as well.”

Flamenco relies on traditional rhythmic patterns called compás. In contemporary flamenco, while these rhythmic accents remain strict to tradition, the harmonies and use of different instruments deviate from the traditional use of just guitar and palmas (hand claps), bringing in compositional and instrument influences from other genres such as jazz, classical and blues.

“Our new trio musical lineup is very much about playful interaction on stage and in the studio," explains Damian. “Greg and I have been best friends for 25 years and we have a deep musical connection.”

The group’s first album snared them the Best World Music Artist at the MusicOz Awards. And performances at

WOMADelaide, Sydney Festival, Apollo Bay Music Festival, Sydney Opera House, International Australian Festival of

Chamber Music, followed. The second CD Absolución, was launched at the Sydney Opera House in 2011 to a sell-out audience and also enjoyed rave reviews.

Touring is a joy for the ensemble. “We love seeing unexpected places, meeting new people in new communities, sharing joy for the arts and music with people in smaller towns, and hearing their personal stories after the show,” concludes Greg. “We want to bring inspiration and joy to people everywhere, not just in cities and larger urban centres.”

CONCERT: Friday 8 February 2019, 6:00pm | Orange Regional Conservatorium,

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