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Ric Pasquali - At your service

Ric Pasquali - At your service

The Complete Camera House

Tell us about your business and where you are?

We’re the Complete Camera House, generally referred to as Camera House. Our shop is at 198 Anson Street near the City Centre entrance.

What do you think sets your business apart from other similar businesses?

When I’m a customer myself, at any business, I still value good old-fashioned friendly and helpful service and that’s what we do here at Camera House. We’re genuinely here to help people and we do it in a polite, informed, kind and personal manner. A lot of businesses have become very impersonal and automated, more serve yourself – I don’t want our business to operate like that. We have the right staff, they’re knowledgeable and our customers keep coming back because they appreciate the personal service.

What can you tell us about your prices?

Competitive is the word businesses like ours use today. Prices can vary so much for any number of reasons and big businesses have a knack of camouflaging the real cost of their products. Shoppers have been led to become so price conscience, when in actual fact, getting value for money is the wiser course to take. That said, our prices are very competitive but I believe our value for money, when all things are considered, is what sets us apart.

Tell us about your services?

We offer products, services and advice for any photographic issue or need. We stock just about everything in the photographic area – cameras, lenses, accessories, binoculars just to name a few. We also do a lot of custom picture framing as well as sell a lot of off the shelf picture frames.

Is there anything people may not know about Camera House?

One of the growing and popular things we do is print photos onto various materials such as art paper, metal, canvas and other surfaces. This is really starting to take off. People have become very adept at taking great photos and often want to display them in their homes or offices, or even sell them. If you can imagine your great photos in a frame, on canvas, on metal, even on a wall in your home or office, we can probably help make it happen.

Any final words?

Just to say, if people reading this love their photography, please drop in to the Camera House to see what we can now do to enhance your photographic skills or enjoyment.

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