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Knox Becomes a Birthday Legend

Knox Becomes a Birthday Legend

“A lot of the time people look at the negative side of what they feel they can’t do. I always look at the positive side of what I can do.” - Chuck Norris

Is it possible to look up to someone who is younger than you? Yep it completely is. 12-year-old, Knox Gibson is a kid that everyone can learn a little bit from. Living with limb loss since he was three years old, there is absolutely nothing about it that stops him from living a great (and busy) lifestyle. Look out world – Here comes Knox.  

Knox said, “I wouldn’t say I’ve got a disability; I mean... it’s only a hand, I’ve still got another one, and I can practically do just as much as anyone else can.” See! We told you he’s a total legend! Even more so, Knox has signed up to be a ‘Birthday Legend’ for Variety- the Children’s Charity.  

The funds that Knox raises will help give kids a fair go by supporting Just Like You, a program delivered in NSW public schools special program that educates kids and build awareness of people with a disability. The aim is to stop bullying and celebrate people of all abilities.

“Although I haven’t had the experience of being bullied or left out at school, I know of many people who have, and I never want people to go through that. I hope that by people seeing my story their ideas and opinions shift on those with any kind of disability.”

With the amazing outlook that Knox has on life, I asked him what he would normally get up to on any given day and let me tell you, I wasn’t expecting the response I got. “Swimming is a big part of my life, I swim five days a week and I actually went to Nationals this year and came back with five medals. I love cricket and rugby- I also play for the Central West Ruby Union representative under 12s team, playing flanker.”

Knox continued, “I also do a bit of modelling and ads. I was in a Kmart TV commercial a few years ago. I remember the first night it had come out, we were all sitting on the lounge and it just would not come on,” Knox laughed, “and then once it came on, I was really happy. It’s a great industry, you get to meet new people which is always good, sometimes you make contacts that will help you with more modelling, it’s just a great experience.”

To say he has a busy schedule would be an absolute understatement, though Knox wouldn’t have it any other way. Something incredibly exciting came his way in 2018. As part of the ABC coverage for the Invictus Games, Knox was asked to be a junior reporter and had his own mini show.

“It was a really cool experience, just to see people who were a lot like me, you can nearly walk around every corner and see someone with one arm or someone in a wheelchair. It was just good to see that the support was just amazing and what they have overcome.”

“Michael Lyddiard and I were comparing arms because he had an arm like me. He had also torn his hamstring in a race and he still had to compete in long jump, he actually asked me to do it with him, so I did… we came... last... well, second, because there were only two competitors,” Knox laughed. “I got to get up on the podium with him to receive the silver medal and he gave the medal to me.”
“It was such an amazing experience, it was just great to see a lot of people like me, so determined to do stuff after they have been through incidents or accidents that have probably scarred them for life. I want my attitude to be like theirs were, that’s how positive and inspiring they were.”

“I actually feel that I’ve been so lucky to do these amazing things, and that’s why I would like to give back and raise money for the ‘Just Like You’ program.”

“Together we can stand up to bullying and make a big difference to the lives of kids living with a disability to feel safer, more included and accepted.”

I know there are going to be kids out there in a worse situation than me and how hard it can be, Variety helps those people and I just want those people to be helped. I hope people realise it’s important not to leave out people with disabilities, they are just the same as you, they just have a slight difference, but that doesn’t mean anything.”

You can donate to Knox’ page here https://varietybdaylegend.everydayhero.com/au/knox-gibson-variety-birthday-legend

Keep up with Knox’ talents here; captain_knoxie

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