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Let MES entertain you

Let MES entertain you

Not even one year old, promotion company MES Entertainment has already made a splash on the local music scene.

Over the past 11 months, MES Entertainment have built a strong following of their Late Nights electronic music gigs and live music sessions at various local venues.

“It was just to diversify the community when it comes to music in Orange, I suppose,” said Shelby Jones, who along with her husband Matt are MES Entertainment.

“I've been a musician for quite a long time and there is very much a bit of a boys’ scene. So, I was whinging to my husband one day, that I'd just love to play a gig somewhere and so he started MES Entertainment.”

As well as creating opportunities for themselves to perform, Shelby said there was definitely a gap in the local entertainment scene they’ve been able to fill.

“There's that younger demographic that wants to go out and have a boogie and have a good time… and we've gone into making sure that you've got stages, you've got different artists on different floors going at the same time, we've made it a bit of an event rather than it just a beer at your local pub,” she said.

Making more opportunities for female performers has also been a priority.

“November is really exciting for us in that we have two all-female-line-up performances,” said Shelby. “One at the Groundstone; an all-female musician line-up [this Friday]. Then two weeks later, on the other end of the spectrum, an all-female DJ line-up at the Lord Anson. We’ll have three levels of female artists playing a whole range of genres from deep house to disco.”

And over the past year, they have been able to build an audience for both local and touring acts, said Shelby.

“We've been able to bring artists from not only the Central West, but we've been able to bring them up from Sydney and Melbourne,” she said.

“We've got a band coming up from Melbourne next month that are Triple J unearthed artists, so we are starting to touch base with people and they are wanting to come up here and play.

“We love music, we love performing and we are hoping to make a more diverse community out here and make it easier for people to come out to the Central West to play.” 

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