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5 Minutes with Steve Patterson - Easy Eaves

5 Minutes with Steve Patterson - Easy Eaves

So what exactly is your business Easy Eaves?

Easy Eaves is a gamechanger for the building industry. It is the next evolution in low maintenance solutions for home exteriors. Over the last 20 years we've seen steel facias, become standard on all homes, we've seen aluminium windows become standard and the next evolution is the eaves.


Can you tell us a little more about the product itself?

It’s a rolled aluminium panel. It comes pre-painted, pre-finished, requires no special installation method and once you put it in you never have to touch it again.


How do Easy Eaves compare to other eaves?

Materials like fibro cement, they put them in and you have to paint them every seven to ten years. Our product never needs painting and is backed with a 20-year warranty. It is virtually a direct replacement for what is used now that gives builders a little bit more money in their pocket and saves the homeowner thousands of dollars in the long run.


Are Easy Eaves suitable for all styles of home?

We offer four different colour ranges at the moment: pure white, surf mist, night sky and classic cream. Generally, a white or a surf mist is going to go with 90 per cent of homes. 


How new is Easy Eaves to the market?

I’m only 12 months into this, but it has taken a lot of engineering to get it right. I designed it so it fitted with Australian facias, it fitted with downlights and met the national construction code and building. We've taken it from a concept on a bit of paper to actual production out of our factory here in Orange in about eight months.


Why should people consider using Easy Eaves over another product?

Your home is the biggest investment you're ever going to do, if there is a low-maintenance eave solution that is better for the homeowner and saves them money, why wouldn't you do it?