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Ability not an issue!

Ability not an issue!

Sailors from 9 to 90 years of age are finding freedom on the water, regardless of their level of ability, says Gareth Wilson, President of Sailability Central West.

“Sailing,” said Gareth, “is one of the few sports where anyone can participate regardless of age or disability.”

Gareth got in touch with Orange City Life to let our readers know how Sailability NSW Central can help them discover the adventure, freedom and joy of small boat sailing.

With the support of the Carcoar Dam Sailing Club, Sailability Central West meets regularly between the months of September and May each year. There they have all the facilities needed to get anybody out on the water, including accessible toilets, a support motor boat, a pontoon with wheelchair access and a hoist to lift people into their boats.

We currently cater for people with a range of physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities. We serve both children and adults, the elderly and the financially and socially disadvantaged,” said Gareth.

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“Our fleet of uniquely designed one and two-seater yachts are safe, stable and easy to sail craft that can’t tip over and can be used by people of all ages and ability.

 “Our recreational sailing program helps enable residents of the Central West region to develop skills and experience the independence and exhilaration of sailing – with us, they develop friendships and build self-confidence and pride through their achievements in a safe and secure environment.

“When we take them out on the water, we see the joy in their faces and it makes what we do as a group of enthusiastic volunteers feel so rewarded.”

Sailability Central West relies on donations and fund-raising initiatives to maintain their fleet and safety equipment, cover insurance costs and other expenses. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

The next sailing day is scheduled for Sunday 24 February and all are welcome.

If interested in participating, volunteering or if you would like to make a donation to Sailability Central West, please do not hesitate to contact Gareth on 0412 339 288 for more details.

Thanks Gareth!

Darryl Curran - Orange Taxis

Darryl Curran - Orange Taxis

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