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For 14 years, Karen Blacklow has been meeting Orange’s need for all things antique and collectable. Her Peisley Street store, Second Chance Collectables, is Orange’s go-to destination whether you’re looking for that perfect antique dining table, chiffonier, cosy chair, a piece of Moorcroft pottery or Elliot Hall enamel.

Given its profile, reputation and continued growth, the business is a worthy candidate for our Proud Orange Businesses segment.

Speaking of growth, over the last four years, Karen has responded to the growing demand for a local seller of quality, Australian made jewellery.

“It is handmade, the majority of it, using Australian gold,” said Karen. “And we have sterling silver pieces, engagement rings, wedding rings, ladies dress rings, we carry a lovely range of gold earrings and bangles, and pink diamond jewellery. You can never have too much jewellery!”

Karen is passionate about the pieces she sells and ensure that all her gems are genuine, natural stones.

“We don’t sell synthetic stones. People can walk in here and know they are buying jewellery with a real ruby in it,” she said.

Besides her focus on providing quality Australian made jewellery, what really sets Karen apart is the service she provides for her customers.

20,000 engagement ring options

Choosing a wedding or engagement ring, but can’t find a time to duck out of work with your partner? Karen is happy to arrange an after-hours appointment, sit down with you and take the time to help you find that perfect piece.

And with 20,000 engagement ring options to choose from, Karen is sure to be able to find something to satisfy.

“I do have some one-off pieces you won’t find anywhere else,” she said. “If people want bespoke jewellery made, we can have it made by one of our manufacturers, or if they want to sit down with someone face to face, we refer them to a local manufacturer who can do the job for them.”

Karen is also able to source loose diamonds and other gems on request.

“We have people come to us wanting diamonds to replace lost stones in jewellery or to create their own piece of jewellery,” she said.

“And people are starting to look at pink diamond as investment stones, given the Argyle mine is closing in the next twelve months. People are asking us to hunt those down for them and we have the facility to do that.”

With stock turning over all the time, there is always something new treasure to discover at Second Chance Collectables.

Honouring locals who love what they do

Honouring locals who love what they do

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