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Put Orange First News - 21.02.19

Put Orange First News - 21.02.19

Things continue to tick along with our Put Orange First initiative as evidenced by the feedback and comments we’re getting, along with some good ideas.

Our first big test comes this Saturday when several local businesses have joined us to hold the first of what we call Pot Luck Saturdays in Orange. Basically, over 20 businesses are putting on specials, special discounts or having a sale especially for this day. We had hoped more businesses would join us for this our first attempt, but maybe more will next time. Readers can help encourage other businesses in that direction by visiting as many of the participating stores that they can this Saturday. Success breeds success, so it’s up to the public to make this Saturday a success. Happy shopping!

We’re also working with Jack Evans Workwear to produce some Put Orange First T shirts. This is an initiative by Murray Evans and his team, and we’ll bring you more news on these when the first have been produced.

I met up with Darryl Curran from Orange Taxis earlier this week after he contacted me about getting our local Taxi owners involved in the program. We discussed a number of ideas and again, I’ll be able to tell you more when we’re a little further down the track.

I also heard from another business owner who is working with several other small businesses about an advertising campaign to promote shopping in Orange. We’re talking about how what they’re doing may be able to compliment what we’re doing and vice versa.

Our group met for the second time last Thursday and the brainstorming continued. We have come up with some great ideas and are currently working through them. One thing we agreed on was to pursue achievable goals, and not just be seen to do a lot of talking about issues that we had no control over. We are also very keen to win the trust and support of more business owners because there’s strength in numbers. If our small businesses do well, we all do well. Team Orange will meet each Thursday morning at 8.30am at Groundstone Café. We meet very informally over coffee. Anyone who would like more information about Team Orange can contact me on 6361 3575 or bob@oclife.com.au

Tim Berryman - At your service

Tim Berryman - At your service

Local Repco branch in running for national award

Local Repco branch in running for national award