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Tim Berryman - At your service

Tim Berryman - At your service

Tell us a little about your business Berryman Executive?

I established the business in 2015 and I focus on executive level recruitment in and around the Central West, primarily Orange and Bathurst. The roles that I recruit are fairly corporate in nature, typically Accounting roles, Banking and Finance, General Management, Operations, Admin, anything where there is a professional services offering.

What is your own professional background?

I've worked in recruitment for 15 years. I started in Sydney and worked for a couple of the bigger guys there. I came to Orange in 2009 and worked for a local recruitment company and then saw the opportunity to do my own thing.

Why do businesses seek your services out over other recruiters or recruiting themselves?

Typically, they’re either time poor or they may not have the networks to find the right people. I've got a good professional network here in Orange and I'm able to find the best people through that network for any given role. Any business — large or small or medium sized —that has a need for the best people, but don’t have the time or the capacity to find them themselves, that is where I can help.

Do you work with jobseekers as well as employers?

Yes. A lot of my work is meeting people who are new to town or are thinking about relocating to Orange and that is quite exciting. I'm able to point them in the right direction in terms of who are the best employers, what types of salary they can expect, even as far as helping them find a rental property. The great part of the role is when you actually help someone find their dream job.

What are your thoughts on the Orange job market?

I've seen a real shift to more senior opportunities in Orange and that probably speaks to the fact that some really interesting businesses have relocated here. I think it is the best place in regional NSW for professionals who are leaving Sydney.

Tim Berryman is the founder and director of Berryman Executive, Orange. His contact details can be found at www.berrymanexecutive.com.au

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