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Another fabulous idea for Orange

Another fabulous idea for Orange

 We received the following from Cath Hines recently. It’s another visionary and great idea for an attraction in Orange that will bring thousands of extra people here each year. Cath has put a lot of thought and work into her proposal and we want to acknowledge that by presenting it in its entirety. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it started another ball rolling in the right direction? Thanks Cath!


Orange Actionworld – Indoor

Proposal for Actionworld

·       Action – activity

·       Mechanical – not electronic

·       Family friendly – child, teenager, adult, elderly

·       Affordable

·       Local and tourist benefits

Possible inclusion of activities and facilities

Coney Island (Luna Park) type layout including:

·       Giant slides (small to large)

·       Mechanical moving bridge

·       Spinning slide

·       Tunnel revolver – two way

·       Mirrors (alter ego) wavy, thin. Fat, wobbly

·       Rock climbing wall

·       Horizontal rope course

·       Graffiti wall

·       Dodgem car course

·       Merry go round – carousel

·       Ice/roller rink – skates/blades. Dances, hockey, soccer, derby’s

·       Mechanical bucking bull

·       Water fountain – refill stations

·       Toilets (accommodating children to adults)

·       Café – promoting healthy foods, juices etc.

·       Souvenir shop

·       BYO picnic area – no alcohol - seating/rest areas

Children’s section:

·       Pee Wee’s style

·       Age restricted

·       Slides, climbing castles, jumping castles, ball pits, mini cars & trikes, mini rock wall, wavy mirrors.

·       Day crèche and personal child minders

Outback area – large, high roof, undercover:

·       All things older, bush experience, village setup

·       Petting zoo

·       Campfire events, staff swagmen, billy tea service, storytelling, poetry recitals (Banjo promotions). Staff dressed in older, colonial attire,

·       Blacksmith, Shoemaker, Milliner etc.

·       Demos and workshops – free and paid.

·       Craftsmen/women wanting to workshop or show skills of trade.

·       Lapidary, stonemason, lacemaking, weaving, glass blowing, pottery, woodturning, jewellery making and other arts and crafts.

Considerations – plan for BIG, with expansion in the future

·       Location, space, crowd noise, accessibility to the public

·       Operating 7 days a week

·       Could be a part of a BIG 4 park.

·       Free Parking -  build a new carpark or use existing, signage and upkeep.

·       Building structure – new or existing building. Heating and cooling, appropriateness.

·       Insurance – public liability, workers comp, building and contents.

·       Employment – major opportunity to reduce local unemployment. Employing youths, aged and volunteers – historical society etc.

·       Would need admin, cleaning, ride supervision, security, first aides, admission staff, café staff (employed/tendered), childcare, maintenance.

·       Ongoing finance and costs

·       Short, medium, long term planning

·       Child security – age considerations in certain areas, accompanied by an adult or carer on admission and certain rides.

·       Admission wristbands for children’s and others.

·       Working with children checks for staff.

Other considerations

·       Financial – government grants, council, local businesses, community sponsorship (like adventure playground – family names stepping stones, ride names etc. which would add community spirit to the centre).

·       Price structure: day, week, month, three month, six month and annual passes. Under 5, 5-12, 12-18, adult, concession, senior, family. One or two adults + one or two kids + extra child. Attempting to keep it affordable. Cheap days in quieter months. School excursion special price.

Present and future prosperity for Orange and surrounding villages

·       Puts Orange on the map for another specialty location – Actionworld – Great destination for fun. Great destination for tourism.

·       Promotes physical activity, good health and fun for all ages.

·       Increases employment, reduces unemployment, in turn reducing town crime. Improves employment in all other areas of town, dining, retail, accommodation, wineries etc.

·       Gives locals a sense of pride for having a stand-out venue.

·       Promotes family outings, sharing times, meeting and interacting with friends and others. Opportunity to meet new people.

·       Stress release – using physical activity.

·       Activity in inclement weather (often 8 months of our year).

·       Opportunity for small businesses to be involved. Tender out the café. May already own businesses – e.g. Pee Wee’s that could lease out space in the centre or sell equipment to the facility.

·       Promoting Orange, locally made and high quality souvenirs that people can purchase and take away with great memories of Orange.

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