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Little kids, BIG hearts!

Little kids, BIG hearts!

Children from Nurture One Albert Street Early Learning Centre in Orange have helped to deliver hay bales to local farmers that were purchased with the thousands of dollars they raised through fundraising activities.


The youngsters visited ‘Hillview Sheep Station’ at Bogan Gate recently as 190 bales were delivered to local farmers. The tiny tots looked on as two semi-trailers were unloaded with the precious feed for livestock, which was then divided between 15 local farmers who have been crippled by the drought.

The generous efforts were the result of hundreds of sausage sizzles and farmer themed dress up days held at G8 Education early learning centres across the country.

In Orange, Nurture One Albert Street successfully raised $4,325.70 to contribute towards the ‘Buy a Bale’ initiative.

Two-year-old Hendrix Riley and four-year-old Jayla Newman were the two children representing Nurture One Albert Street Early Learning Centre Orange, travelling out west for the donation, Hendrix giggled, “When I was feeding the calves, he got slobbery and grubby on me.”

Nurture One Albert Street Centre Manager, Rachael Morris said, “We wanted to make a difference to our local farmers in our region as the drought had severely impacted numerous farms in the direct community.”

“The fact that so many families came together for our breakfast and raffle drive meant we had widespread support from across the region. Families were passionate about the cause and making a difference for farmers and their families. Our children and their families had a great time and were excited to be involved in the ‘Buy a Bale’ initiative which we explained to them would help farmers to feed hungry animals affected by the drought.

Jayla Newman added, “It made me feel good because I love them, all of the sheep. I think the sheep were happy, the farmer said I might see a tractor and I saw two! I could also pat the soft puppy when they sleep.”

When asking Jayla what we could do to help the farming community she piped up and exclaimed, “They could take a photo of me at the farm like this!” *poses*

Rachael and the team at Nurture One Albert Street Early Learning Centre would like to thank all of the families who donated items for the raffles, congratulations to all!

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