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Campbell Hedley from The Lane Cellars

Campbell Hedley from The Lane Cellars

Your Two Heads brewery has been established for three years now, but tell me about your latest business venture?

We opened The Lane Cellars just before Christmas. We are trying to bring a combination of local product and hard to find independent product from out of town — focused on wine and craft beer, but with plenty of cider and spirits in the mix as well.

What do you offer at The Lane Cellars that people won’t find elsewhere?

The local stuff, you can find at the cellar doors, but very few places in town would have as big a range of local product as we do. We’ve tried to handpick what we think is the pick of the bunch and we will keep updating the product range as well. We've got new beers coming in every week and as well as local wines we stock lots of stuff from out of town as well. If you're a wine lover, you will find wines here you won’t get anywhere else in Orange or the region.

As a brewer yourself, what can you tell me about the range of beers you carry?

We have lots of really out-there craft beers. I’m a big beer fan, so it has been great going out and finding those really interesting beers and get them on the shelf. I think Orange people are definitely interested in supporting independent brewers and drinking beer that tastes good. I'd be surprised if we didn't have something to suit every taste.

I understand you are in the middle of relocating your brewery from Bathurst to Lucknow?

Yeah, we've brought it a little closer to home. It is a great spot on the highway and just a perfect location for what we were looking for. We hope to have a Brewery door open by midway through the year.

Do you hold any special events at The Lane Cellars?

We try to do a ‘meet the maker’ event every second Friday and it might become a bit more frequent than that. So we have tastings on a Friday afternoon and we will start doing other cool little things.

Where can people find you?

We’re in the Orange Arcade, perfectly placed across from Harris Farm, plenty of parking. I kept walking past the empty shop thinking there needed to be a bottle shop here. No one else opened one so here we are.

From local country store to global reach

From local country store to global reach

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