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Matt Baker – Kite Street Dental

Matt Baker – Kite Street Dental

Tell us about Kite Street Dental?

We have five on our dental team and run three chairs full time. We offer most dental services and that now includes orthodontics and implants, we do most of any surgical work here as well. We also offer an after hours service and are possibly the only Orange dentist that offers that.

How long have you been part of Kite Street Dental?

I've only been here for a few weeks. My wife and I moved to Orange from Grafton/Yamba, where we’ve been for the past five years, but I'm originally from Toowoomba.

What is your role at Kite Street Dental?

I’m an associate dentist. I practice general dentistry

What brought about your move to Orange?

We moved here because my wife has decided to return to university. She is a pharmacist who decided she doesn’t want to do pharmacy anymore and is here to study dentistry.

What was it that made you want to study dentistry?

It just seemed like a good idea. There wasn’t really any thought behind it, but now I'm in it, it is a great career and I enjoy it. I don’t think I'd do anything else.

How long have you been practising?

Since I graduated in 2012 from the University of Queensland. I worked for two years in a private practice in Toowoomba, then needed a bit of change after that. I moved to Yamba in NSW and I’ve been working at the one practice doing general dentistry for the last five years.

How have you found life in Orange?

Kite Street Dental are a great group to work for and Orange is a really nice spot to practice. It's a beautiful place, but It's cold! I ride a bike a lot and run a lot so the winters will be a bit tricky for me.

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